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January Jumpstart 2018: Your Roadmap For Record Studio Growth in 2018

  • The latest student attraction strategies that are resulting in massive growth for dance studios in 2018.
  • How to increase your profits and create additional revenue streams for your studio.
  • The student engagement strategies that are currently trending, resulting in record student retention numbers.
  • Proven systems you can implement to save up to 10 hours of your time every week!
  • And MUCH more!

Here's What We're Going To Cover During The Two-Week Free LIVE Training Starting Monday January 29th:

Monday, January 29th: Your EPIC Year I’ll walk you through creating a realistic plan for 2018, setting goals, and how to make sure that you accomplish each one. This is your first step in ensuring 2018 is a record year for your studio!

Thursday, February 1st: Studio Systems Playbook We'll reveal the most effective administrative systems and technology that help run the backend of your studio with minimal effort and supervision from you, saving you HOURS per week!

Tuesday, January 30th: Predictable Profit Plan We'll go through the numbers that you need to know in your studio and where to focus your effort in order to maximize your profits and create additional revenue streams in 2018. 

Friday, February 2nd: CareFactor Campaign The best way to ensure your studio enjoys steady growth is to make sure students have an amazing experience and keep coming back for more. We’ll show you the best engagement strategies that result in maximum student retention.

Wednesday, January 31st: Sold Out Studio We'll look at the most current and trending student attraction strategies that are helping studios hit record numbers right now in 2018.  

Monday, February 5th: Studio Success Masterclass This will be a 90 minute deep dive training along with Q&A where we really put together a plan for 2018 to be a record breaking year!


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